A collection of things in my life. Goals, dreams, ambitions... I'm going to capture it all here. Hopefully it inspires you too.


God help me to stay focused on you and your wonderful truth as I go about my day. Help me to lean not on my own understanding, but to seek your wisdom oh Lord.

Teach me to help those you have placed in my life and be a good steward of all that you have entrusted to me. Keep my family safe; let them seek you faithfully Lord so that they might be filled with the spirit and do great things.

I thank you for the learning opportunity you have provided by bringing certain people into my life, although be it painful at times, I am grateful for what I have learned. Keep me focused on you Lord, that I might seek growth in these upcoming months; free my mind of the distractions which surround me.

I praise and adore you for all that you do and all that you are. May I never lose my focus. Keep me humble and build me into the man you desire.

In the name of your holy son, Jesus, a’men.

I fail daily as my flesh rages against my soul

Yielding feelings I say I cannot control. However, in my weakness I am strong.

It is not by my own hand, but by the hand of the father.

His power flows through me just as the ink is left along the paper of a writer.

The words I speak do not belong to me, but the father.
May everything I say or do bring praise to his name and yield to his awesome authority

-For the lord our God is all powerful; the only one worthy of praise

Fighting Giants

We all face them.

They may not be the same for everybody, but they are there.

Overwhelming tasks. School. Work. Conflict. Insecurity. Failure. Change.

The pain these giants inflict upon me is insane.

But I forget.

I forget about the power of inspiration.
The power of choice.
The people in my life who support me.
The people in my life who rejoice with me.
The power I have to make a difference.

I often forget how well I have been equipped to face the giants of my life.
The experiences which have contributed to my growth and given me the tools needed to take on more responsibility, shaping and making my life into that which God desires.

I need to be reminded, as well as you, to break free from the mold which society would place us in. To remind us to be bold and speak truth.

To live courageously and see challenge as opportunity, see failure as learning, see criticism as feedback, and see that landing flat on your back means at least we didn’t land on our face.

Live, filled with a vision.
And no matter what happens keep believing it is possible.
No matter how many people tell you it isn’t. Because those who believe, do.
Those who aren’t afraid of failure will succeed, because the minds of those who do will breed better ideas with each day they chase and pursue.

Listening to : Everyday - Carly Comando